Summer Camp Photos

After school Camera - Spring and Summer Camp 521 The first week, our service project dealt with erosion and native plants.  We rebuilt the check-dams on the playground that slow rainwater runoff and added plants.  The kids worked hard to dig out the soil that had filled the check-dams and transplant yarrow from the pollinator garden.

After school Camera - Spring and Summer Camp 534 We also did a service project focused on animals.  We invited Brother Wolf to come visit and they brought a puppy!  We also baked dog treats and made cat toys to send back with the Brother Wolf volunteers, and Anthony brought in blankets and water bowls to donate.  Thanks Anthony!

The last week we visited the fire department, police office and library with thank you cards for those people who serve our community.  We also had the fire truck come to FDNSC and show us their fancy heat-sensing cameras as well as all the doors and gadgets on the fire truck.

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